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 The Making of Elf Island

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The Making of Elf Island Empty
PostSubject: The Making of Elf Island   The Making of Elf Island Icon_minitime27/9/2008, 11:28 am

Elf Island is almost ready to launch! Our team of writers, producers, painters, illustrators, animators, and other quirky folks are making sure every grain of sand is ready for your toes upon reaching our shores.

One of the biggest roles on Elf Island is our Lead Illustrator, Craig “CT” Thomas. He is the mastermind behind many of the images you’ve seen in the blog, and will enjoy once you arrive on Elf Island. He also develops many of the wonderful concepts in Elf Island. The rough skin of the Hill Giant. The flames of the Igoony. All the hybrid animals to come. CT has a big hand in all of it.

After the final sketches are approved, the images are sent to the careful hands of a digital painter.
Next, our animators take the painted images and create moving images.

Finally, the Tech team configures numbers and letters in a secret code to make everything pop-up on your computer screen.

There are a lot of hands working behind the scenes of Elf Island to make sure everything is in tip top shape for your arrival.

If you were part of our team, what role do you think you could play? Would you develop great ideas, draw cool pictures, make amazing paintings, design awesome games, control the technology behind everything, or something completely different?

The Making of Elf Island Ct
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The Making of Elf Island
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